Where can you study Art and/or Design in English?

Typical there are TWO distinct pathways:

  • Speciality school focusing on a specific medium such as film or architecture or a comprehensive art school offering many different art related majors or
  • A comprehensive university with art and design programs.

Is one better? Honestly, it depends on you, your goals and desires around what you want out of your post-secondary experiences.

In the Art & Design focused institution admission is primarily concerned with your portfolio.

For the comprehensive university, you will need to have strong enough academic background as evidenced by your transcripts and you may also need to submit a portfolio.

Even if you are not sure you will be applying to North America, be sure to check out the free service by AICAD to review you portfolio.

We invite you to upload your artwork to receive feedback from AICAD institutions – the leading art & design schools in the US & Canada. This is not a formal application to any of the participating colleges, but rather a special opportunity for informal advisement on developing your portfolio. This site is open to all students from 9th -12th grade as well as college students interested in transferring.

Not sure what to study?

AICAD offers brief descriptions to help clarify the different forms of visual art and design.

The Americas


Australia/New Zealand