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  • Not sure what you want to study? Try this tool which allows you to enter you primary courses (it is designed for A-Levels, but you can put in your three Higher Levels for IB or Advanced Placement courses). Another favorite is the FREE MyMajors assessment. In about 20 minutes you will get a personalised report of majors you may find suitable
  • Use the Common App where ever possible. Accepted by over 800 universities, it is one stop shopping.

US University Key Facts and Unique Aspects

Application Process

  • How to apply is the same for everyone
  • Many universities use the Common application. If possible, just use that.
  • Some public universities such as California, Texas use their own application portals.

Entry Qualifications

  • Most US Colleges will accept the US high school diploma, IB Diploma or other diploma. Some may give you credit for IB or AP scores.
  • Many traditional require SAT or ACT. This past year, virtually everyone was test optional, meaning you do not have to send any scores. See a complete list here. Go deeper and explore a campus’ Mid-50th SAT/ACT score (IE what a typical student scores). Many will let you self-report.

Application timeline:

  • When to do what by
  • For many colleges the regular deadline is January 1. Some exceptions include:
    • University of California: November 1 to 30
    • University of Texas–Dec 1 (Priority Nov 1)
    • University of Florida–November 1
    • Georgia Texas Oct 15 (Early Action)
  • Investigate now to take charge of your deadlines.
  • Some colleges offer Early Action (Apply by November 1 and find out either mid December of end of January if you are in.
  • Some colleges offer Early Decisions (Apply by November 1 and find out mid December). This is binding, meaning they they admit you, you will withdraw all your applications from around the world.

Tuition fees:

  • Average Tuition fees (in US Dollars/year):
    • Private: $XXXX (same for Citizens and non-Citizens alike)
    • Public Instate
    • Public Out of state:
  • Examples for international students

Research Links

Liberal arts Education

The USA is home to about 200 Liberal Arts and Science Colleges. Many public schools offer a liberal arts education. 


Learn about the advantages for pursuing business through a liberal arts lens.