Download NACAC’s Guide to Applying to Ireland

Irish University Key Facts and Unique Aspects

  • Key aspects of the universities in this country
  • Number of English speaking programs.
  • Entry Qualifications
  • IB Recognition
  • NACAC Guide
  • Trinity College Dublin offers a dural degree with Columbia University in 9 Subject areas.

Application Process

  • How to apply based on citizenship
  • EU: Apply via CAO –cost 45 Euro
    • Rank order your programs
    • Decisions are based on final results
  • Non EU: Direct application
  • For Veterinary science use VMCAS

Application timeline:

  • When to do what by
  • Register by February 1 with CAO

Tuition fees:

  • Average Tuition fees (in US Dollars/year):
    • Citizens: $4963
    • International students: $17,498
  • Examples for international students
    • Trinity College Dublin arts/humanities: €19,426
    • Trinity College Dublin Business: €25,436
    • Trinity College Dublin Engineering:$54,430

Research Links

  • Name says it all

Unique aspects


There are 8 universities in Ireland.

There are 14 institutes of technology located around the country:-

**part of Technological University Dublin

Check out UNESCO’s interactive map